Tailored Trainings

Tailored Trainings

Tailored trainings: why?

Some problems are too big to solve alone. Factry tailored trainings are designed to provide a collaborative coaching experience customized to your specific needs. We set the stage for your team to grow together or find answers to various business challenges through a different path: creativity.

Are you going around in circles solving a complex business problem? Has group cohesion broken down and does this challenge seem insurmountable? We offer tailored training based on innovative and unique solutions to your business challenges.

How does it work?

We listen to you, ask you the right questions, identify the points of tension, and then script a workshop program specifically adapted to your reality. In order to establish creative and relevant solutions to your problems, we base ourselves on the concrete and real experiences that you have had and then we establish a narrative framework anchored in a rigorous and proven method. We script the movie together and your teams become the actors.

Whether your challenges are those listed below or others, we are here to offer you customized support, no matter what your business issue is. A personalized circuit, a mobilized team, convincing results: that’s what tailored solutions are all about.

Add creativity
to your skills