Creativity can be learned!

At Factry, creativity transforms enterprises and individuals.

Our method of teaching helps to develop creativity within participants. Here there are no canned replies; we equip you to ask the right questions. By stimulating creativity among the workforce of today and tomorrow, we foster new solutions to build a better world.

Our wide selection of courses serve all professionals who wish to transform their industry or discipline. And because today’s youth will have to face a rapidly changing labour market, Factry offers training to complement the programs offered in traditional educational institutions.


Our participants not only have permission to question the status quo, they have the responsibility. We investigate and reexamine. We learn to identify overlooked possibilities with the goal of effecting change. At Factry, openness and exploration opens new doors.


Creativity is found on the unbeaten path. At Factry, we are the safety net for your leap into the unknown. Dare to stand out, push farther, and follow lines of thought wherever they might lead. But all in a structured manner. Here, you gain the courage to bring your ideas to light. Pushing thought beyond conventional boundaries, participants engage in co-creation and build confidence in their creative capacities


Finally ideas must face reality, in going from theory to application. For an idea to sprout and flourish, one must know how to create the conditions optimal for its development. Thus we witness the practical application of creativity, revealing the purpose and goal of the creative process.


Hélène Godin

President & CEO, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

The world of Montréal design would not be the same without Hélèn Godin’s contribution. Her talent and vision have guided top creative teams for over fifteen years and her work has garnered international awards. At Factry, Hélène develops training programs for all sectors. As a public speaker and mentor, Hélène shares a love for her city and for design around the world.


Philippe Meunier

Cofounder, Chairman of the Board and Head of creation at Sid Lee

In addition to guiding Factry’s Board of Directors, Philippe Meunier is a founding partner and Chief Creative Officer at Sid Lee, a company with international influence. Thanks to his creative vision and multidisciplinary approach, he has built a global network bringing together the best communicators, strategists, designers and advertisers. He continues to inspire creatives around the world.


Marie Amiot


With more than twenty years’ experience with enterprises in the startup, growth, and restructuring phases, Marie Amiot knows first hand the real benefits of a creative approach. At the helm of Factry, she unites partners and collaborators to bring a collective vision to life. Her capacity for mobilization has made Factry a beacon for anyone wishes to approach business in a new way.


Ugo Cavenaghi

president AND CEO, collège saintE-anne

Collège Sainte-Anne and its President were early partners with Factry. A firm believer in creative management, Ugo Cavenaghi runs a renowned educational institution which has distinguished itself for bold technological and pedagogical innovation, concern for the environment, and exclusive programs.



L’association des agences de communication

L’Association des agences de communication créative,  under the direction of Dominique Villeneuve, represents over 70 Québec agencies of all sizes and specializations. Accounting for over 75% of Québec’s industry by revenue, A2C is a true advocate for creativity in communication.


Board of Directors

  • Philippe Meunier, Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder and Head of creation at Sid Lee
  • Hélène Godin, President & CEO, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
  • Marie Amiot, Cofounder of Factry
  • Annie Dutil, Treasurer and Corporate Controller at Nomad Royalty
  • Guillaume Lavoie, Secretary and Partner at Torys
  • Dany Lehoux, Treasurer and Senior Director, Business Development at PWC
  • Denys Lapointe, Executive Vice-President, Design and Innovation at BRP
  • Guy Crevier, President and Editor at La Presse
  • Geneviève Brouillette, Director - ETS Formation
  • Sophie Lareau, Senior Advisor, Desjardins

Factry Team

  • Hélène Godin, President and CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
  • Marie-Eve Chaumont, Vice-President Sales, Partnerships, Communications and Marketing
  • Marie-Pier Daigle, Vice-President Operations
  • Audrey Enet, Partnerships, fundraising and philanthropy manager
  • Ophélie Bru, Finance and Administration Coordinator
  • Sébastien Godin, Sales and Business Development Director
  • Alexandre Bennes, Account Manager and Business Development
  • Nadianie Ouaqouaq-Bergeron, Communications and marketing director
  • Joëlle Sarrailh, Director, Educational Experience
  • Arnaud Rochefort, Logistics coordinator and production assistant
  • Alexandra Vonin, Project Manager
  • Zoé Drujon, Content Advisor
  • Sarah Beer, Content Advisor
  • Camille Maurel, Producer
  • Chloé Johnson, Producer
  • Angélique Labbadi, Social media coordonator
  • Julia Barkany, Communication & marketing coordonnator

Factry Foundation

It's Raison D'Être

Because in the age of digital transition and global challenges, it’s essential to capitalize on what makes us fundamentally human: creativity.


The Factry Foundation is committed to democratizing the teaching of skills essential to creativity and innovation among the next generation of professionals, whatever their field of expertise, in an ever-changing professional world.


By offering an education focused on people, their know-how and their interpersonal skills, we give young people the means to take charge of their future, to be agents of change and to build a resolutely more innovative Quebec.


Accessibility – Universality – Empowerment



The Factry Foundation supports creativity education at Factry for the next generation of creative professionals (18-35 years old)

  • by funding the development and deployment of training programs;
  • by awarding scholarships to help students stay in school and enter the workforce;
  • by developing educational innovations;
  • by raising public awareness of the importance of creative skills for the personal and professional development of young people.

We believe in the power of the union of those who share our values, and we are open to all those who wish to join us in shaping a positive and lasting impact together.

Board of Directors

  • Philippe Meunier, President and Chief Creative Officer, Sid Lee
  • Guillaume Lavoie, Secretary and Partner, Torys
  • Stéphane Vidal, Treasurer and Vice President Product and Brand, D-Box Technologies
  • Isabelle Bettez, Entrepreneur, formerly 8D Technologies
  • Helena de Oliveira, Director Of Procurement, Transformation & Efficiency, NAM RSC, Alstom


Committed Partners

Through their major financial support they share the vision and boldness of Factry. They make all the difference.

Collaborative Partners

They roll up their sleeves to offer valued services and support. Their involvement is inestimable.

Support from an Entire Industry

In order to remain connected to the needs of the labour market, Factry works in partnership with professional associations from creative industries.

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