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Creative Sciences

Find creative solutions to today’s problems

The Factry Approach

Our reason to exist

We believe in the power of creativity to transform the world.

What we aspire to

We train and empower individuals and organizations from all sectors to find creative and innovative solutions in their environments.

What we do to make it happen

We offer comprehensive training in creative skills development for businesses, professionals and the youth.

Canada creatif

A free program for newcomer professionals

Discover our free Creative Canada program, specially designed for French-speaking professional newcomers to Canada.

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For a new generation of creatives

In our view, securing a future in a changing world of work means building a network and a professional passport that contains a series of essential creative skills. Being good at your job is still important, but there is so much more! Developing soft-skills like empathy, self-confidence, communication, complex problem solving and collaboration are incredible assets.

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