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Creative Sciences

Find creative solutions to today’s problems

The Factry Approach


The status quo exists to be questioned. At Factry we investigate and reexamine. We learn to identify and leverage overlooked solutions.


Open to the world of ideas, with all it implies. Dare to leap into the unknown, no matter where you might land. Here, ideas lead the way.


Go from theory to practical, abstract to tangible. Foster the conditions necessary to transform an idea into reality. We make things happen.

For a new generation of creatives

In our view, securing a future in a changing world of work means building a network and a professional passport that contains a series of essential creative skills. Being good at your job is still important, but there is so much more! Developing soft-skills like empathy, self-confidence, communication, complex problem solving and collaboration are incredible assets.

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If remote work is here to stay, face-to-face contact among team members is more valuable than ever. Unite your team in our luminous offices in the historic Windsor Station. Work sessions, meetings, conferences: let us host you.

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