AI and Creativity: Your Ally for Innovative Ideas

Formation For Professionals

Innovate by combining the power of artificial intelligence with the strength of creativity

Drawing on evolving techniques from the world of AI and creative industries, participants learn to integrate AI into their creative process and explore new ways of generating ideas and enriching their creative concepts.

By mastering the synergy between human creativity and machine intelligence, participants develop a unique skill set that enables them to tackle challenges with unprecedented innovation and efficiency. This is what we call the art of AI-powered creativity. Moreover, with a limited cohort of only 9 participants, the program fosters an intimate and collaborative environment that encourages experimentation and risk-taking while fostering a sense of trust and support among peers.

Join us and discover how AI can unleash your creative potential like never before.

Skills to develop

  • How can AI tools can assist and inspire creative professionals to generate unique and innovative ideas they may not have thought of otherwise.
  • How to expand their creative boundaries and explore new possibilities.
  • Automate creative tasks.
  • How to better understand their audience by analyzing data and providing insights into their preferences, behavior, and habits.
  • How to collaborate more effectively and develop more innovative and interdisciplinary projects.


For Professionals

AI and Creativity: Your Ally for Innovative Ideas

8 hours

In French

in person

Friday October 18, 2024

Friday Oct 18, 2024

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9:00 to 5:00

Meet your workshop master!

Through this experience, a workshop master will know how to destabilize you and feed your creative brain.

Carousel de mentors pour la formation

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Workshop master

Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin

Head of Brand and Communication at Designstripe

Vincent has been working for over 20 years as a digital creative, notably with international clients such as Samsung, Hyundai and The North Face. He now acts as the brand leader at designstripe where he has actively participated in the development of a digital product that propels design fans of all calibers to create intelligent design. He is an articulate thought leader, infusing his contagious creativity while questioning established notions of the multidisciplinary creative process.