Private Cohort

Private Cohort

Learning focused on your team

A collective approach, concrete results. Booking a private cohort is the gift of real team transformation. A workshop leader focused exclusively on your group, an attentive production team and an intimate setting: that’s the experience of a private Factry cohort.

Ideal for groups of 15 or more, our private cohorts offer you the experience of our a la carte training, in the intimacy of your work team. With a content, format and schedule specifically adapted to your company’s context, you will have the advantage of progressing at your own pace, benefiting from the expertise of our coaches to address issues specific to your situation and seeing the impact of being in a team. A private cohort is like booking a plane… just for your team!

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Why choose a private cohort?

There are many good reasons to choose a private cohort:

  • Have you attended an a la carte training and now have a burning desire to share the experience with your team?
  • You want to develop a common language and use effective tools to perform better as a team?
  • Do you want to spoil your team and invest in their advancement?
  • Do you simply need to get together as a team and open yourself up to something new?

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The flexibility, customization and personal engagement that a private training session provides have distinct benefits:

  • More engaging and mobilizing workshops;
  • An expert focused on you and your team;
  • The development of customized tools that your team can reuse;
  • Establishment of a common language and unparalleled group cohesion;
  • An intimate and confidential setting.

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