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Questioning to innovate

An innovative company culture is created by creating a climate of psychological safety: where it is allowed to take risks, where we have the right to make mistakes, where we feel comfortable proposing ideas. It takes courage, listening, caring. It requires creative leadership. We suggest that you question preconceived ideas about productivity and welcome change. From facilitating a good brainstorming session to alternative ways of working and collaborating, we equip you with concrete tools to create a business climate that allows for the best ideas – and the best results – in a psychologically safe environment.

At the end of this customized workshop, participants will be able to create conditions for innovation, openness and motivation within their organization, to sharpen their capacity for innovation and to get their teams to do the same.

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Corporate culture: alternative processes for better innovation

For a long time, it was believed that achieving objectives required the creation of a performance culture, where numbers take precedence: not anymore. At the Factry, we believe that a culture of innovation centered on people can set a new standard of performance. An article in the Harvard Business Review, for example, extols the virtues of taking breaks: employees who take a few breaks during their work generate more innovative ideas than those who work too hard. By challenging outdated ways of working, you open the door to endless possibilities and exceeding your business goals. Not sure where to start? We’re here to guide you.


Managers have the great challenge of being the initiators in establishing a culture that allows their employees to grow professionally and personally; to feel that they have the space and freedom to contribute and innovate.

By taking this workshop, you will know:

  • Have the courage of your ideas;
  • Set up alternative collaboration processes;
  • Establish a climate of psychological safety;
  • Improve your listening skills and empathy;
  • Give the right to make mistakes;
  • Co-create.

An applied case: Transdev

1. Challenge
Transdev entrusted the Factry with the mandate of scripting and facilitating workshops for its virtual seminar that would allow participants to learn and develop their skills. The objective is to learn to communicate and get to know each other better, improve collaboration and develop new skills.

2. Factry Proposal
Three creative days to open up to creativity, develop the courage to expose your ideas to the light of day/experience co-creation, and confront the idea with reality by moving from theory to practice. Through amazing and inspiring exercises, we harnessed the creative power of the group to fortify the group dynamic and propel their innovation capabilities.

3. Impact
A stronger organizational culture, a team that knows each other better and collaborates better, more innovative skills and a mobilized team.

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