Attracting, integrating and retaining newcomers

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A free, turnkey solution tailored to your business reality: that’s what Canada creatif is all about.

Being competitive in attracting the best talent, and working tirelessly to keep them engaged, motivated and productive, is a major challenge for any company. At La Factry, we believe that your employees are your greatest asset, and that helping them to develop their full potential within your company is a powerful retention lever.

The Canada creatif program at la Factry creates the winning conditions to encourage the inclusion of your French-speaking immigrant employees in your team, and to help them develop to their full potential.

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Reveal your employees’ full potential

Comprising workshops, conferences and coaching, the Canada creatif program encourages practice, experimentation and interaction to better integrate learning. The 60-hour training program focuses on cross-functional skills such as adaptability, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and innovation.

With Canada creatif, you’ll enable your teams of newcomers to make the most of their human as well as their technical skills within your company.

A real inclusion booster

Our Canada creatif program is more than a training program, it’s a pathway that enables newcomer professionals to understand the codes of the Canadian workplace, and to find their place in it. It’s also a way for you, as employers, to ensure the well-being and successful integration of your employees, enabling them to develop within your company for many years to come.

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How it works

All program options are turnkey and offered free of charge ($8,000 value per participant). Program duration: 60 hours in total (30 in person and 30 online), adaptable to your business reality.

Two cohort options are available to your team:

Private – personalized training exclusive to your company

  • The benefits are: team cohesion, common culture, same language, same tools.


Multi-company – enrolment in a public cohort

  • Enables access to training even if your company does not have the number of participants required for private training.

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