Team innovation: mastering the keys to creativity

Business solutions

Empower your team with the skills to think outside the box and craft innovative solutions that make a difference.

At La Factry, we cultivate creative minds capable of shaping the world of tomorrow. Our workshops immerse you in the realm of ideation and innovation culture, so that creativity becomes your way of seeing, thinking, and doing.

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Elevate team innovation: Mastering the Keys to Creativity

Feeling uninspired during group ideation sessions? Is your team playing it safe, with no one willing to take risks? It’s time to shake things up. Through practical exercises, explore various well-established brainstorming methods to generate and develop ideas as a group. Add another string to your bow with techniques that will lead you, as a team, towards creative solutions.

We provide the optimal conditions for team idea generation, along with strategies to implement them and engage stakeholders. Through case studies and practical exercises, participants acquire the skills necessary to create an environment conducive to innovation within their organization.

The benefits

By the end of this personalized workshop on creative potential, your team will be able to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the creative process.
  • Select the most suitable creativity techniques for their context to generate ideas.
  • Have confidence in their ability to create.
  • Facilitate collaborative problem-solving with others.