How do
you drive innovation
in an organization?


Innovate Differently

Nothing is less innovative than the verb ‘to innovate.’ But we’re reviving its credentials with courses that teach new approaches to innovation. We anchor concepts in concrete terms. Demystify design thinking and learn how to put it into practice. From ideation to problem solving, we offer innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

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Understand Design Thinking

Innovation comes through people. Instead of relying exclusively on analytical thinking, we use the designers’ method, and think in the same terms. The result is a user-centred global innovation process that produces products or services that are in line with the user’s desires. Factry reveals its positive impact in business and gives you the tools to put it into practice correctly.

Problems as a Creative Springboard

Problems in an organization each and every day. Small or large, they act like sand in the gears and slow down production. What are the best ways to solve problems? How can we defuse things instead of making them worse? Learn how creativity can help you unravel a tricky situation so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Daily Ideation

How is an idea formed? How do you feed a spark to start a fire? Intimately linked to design thinking, ideation is a creative process that aims to solve a problem. Going beyond brainstorming, ideation brings together a wide range of exercises and tools that promote collaborative work. By integrating the ideation into your problem-solving process, you will only improve your solutions.

Innovation Happens With the Right Tools.