Collaboration : enhance your team’s productivity

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Improving Collaboration Within Your Teams

Say goodbye to working in silos and hello to success through team collaboration. At La Factry, we believe in the power of collaboration, mutual aid, and communication for optimal results. Our personalized workshops will help you identify obstacles to collaboration, establish collective work processes, and strengthen cohesion within your team. Get ready to reunite with a more united and high-performing team!

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Collaboration : enhance your team’s productivity


There’s no secret: a happy team is a productive team. For this, strong team cohesion is essential. Collaboration is the key to success, as it breaks down the barriers of working in silos, even if it may push the entire team out of its comfort zone. Communication in business can be a challenge, but it is vital to achieve goals and strengthen teamwork. Without communication, there is no collaboration. We are here to help you, whether it’s to foster a cooperative atmosphere, exchange relevant information within your team, or provide constructive feedback to promote development. Discover how to leverage the collaborative approach for a strong and high-performing team.

As indicated by The New York Times, a company can hire the best talent, but if management is not equipped to ensure that the group works well together and shares common priorities, the team will not be successful. Interpersonal communication and the effectiveness of collaborative work are at the heart of many organizations’ concerns – we equip you to address them correctly.



At the end of this personalized workshop on collaboration, your team would be able to:

  • Rally and mobilize effectively
  • Strengthen team spirit and common understanding
  • Communicate smoothly
  • Be more engaged
  • Collaborate differently and more effectively

A Case Study
Elema: Returning to the Essentials

Elema, a company founded by five engineers and architects in 2014, experienced rapid growth, growing from 18 to 45 employees. This rapid expansion brought new management challenges, particularly in organization, methodology, and communication. With the addition of new managers and a sixth partner, Elema feels the need to redefine its common vision and prepare for the future. They seek to better communicate their identity to a growing team and navigate this new reality. To do this, they turn to La Factry for a creative and imaginative business reflection process.

2.Factry Proposal
Through a three-day strategic retreat, the partners explore the essential elements of their company identity and rewrite their mission, vision, and values. Under the direction of Carmen Bossé, a UX design specialist, the workshops are designed to allow partners to experience the complete problem-solving process, develop their ability to frame problems, and adopt new perspectives.

Elema now has solid foundations for its future expansion, with new mission, vision, and values statements. Martin Houle highlights the upcoming challenge: integrating the new elements throughout the company and involving employees in strategic directions. Elema plans to bring together its employees, spread across several cities, to take ownership of the results of the strategic retreat, with future involvement from La Factry. The partners have also acquired new techniques that they can reuse internally, particularly in brainstorming sessions.




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