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Interacting intelligently

Siloed work is history – and teamwork is stealing the show! Collaboration, mutual aid and communication are not only more productive than silo work, but are also the ways to counteract it. No longer working in silos means enabling modern work processes. It’s also about creating more diverse teams and leveraging everyone’s strengths toward common, rather than individual or departmental, goals. We offer a range of activities to learn how to collaborate and strengthen the bonds between your team members. At the Factry, we know the importance of a tight-knit team. You have the wool, we provide the needles!

At the end of this personalized workshop, participants will be able to identify the obstacles to collaboration and communication, take concrete actions to establish new collective work processes and consolidate group cohesion within their company.

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Break down silos by encouraging better communication

It’s no secret that when a team is happy, the results are there. To do this, you need a team spirit to break through. Collaboration is key to team success and necessary to break down silo work – even if it takes people out of their sandbox. Communication in business can be a challenge, but it is essential to achieving goals and team cohesion. Without communication, there is no collaboration. We’re here to help you: whether it’s building cooperation, sharing relevant information within your team, or providing constructive feedback that helps you grow. Learn how to leverage the collaborative approach for a cohesive and successful team.


As the New York Times points out, a company can hire the best talent, but if management is not equipped to ensure that the group works well together and shares common priorities, the team will not perform well. Interpersonal communication and effective collaborative work are at the heart of many organizations’ concerns – we equip you to address them properly.

At the end of this customized workshop, you will be equipped to:

  • Rally and engage your teams;
  • Improve team spirit and common understanding;
  • Communicate within your work group;
  • Build commitment within your team;
  • Collaborate differently and effectively.

An Applied Case: Touché/Omnicom

1. Challenge
To create a context that fosters cohesion and the development of collaborative tools between managers and employees at Touché. The team welcomed several new members during the past year. This was challenging for the fluidity of communication between employees, which was already a challenge before the new hires.

2. Proposition Factry
A fun and unifying workshop to increase the team’s listening skills, fuel their creativity, improve collaboration among them, and engage and motivate them in their new roles.

3. Impact
A tightly knit team, improved team spirit, enhanced collaboration and innovation skills, understanding of roles and a common vision.

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