Creative Posture

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Creative posture, a state of mind

Creative posture is an intentional state of mind that fosters the emergence of creativity, an essential skill for meeting today’s professional challenges.

At La Factry, we train creative minds capable of shaping tomorrow’s world. Immerse yourself in the ferment of ideation and the culture of innovation, so that creativity becomes your way of seeing, thinking and doing.

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Creativity, a source of innovation

Adopting a creative posture means creating the right inner conditions for creativity. To achieve and maintain this state of mind, with its incredible potential, we need to develop it by putting 6 key practices into practice:

Embracing the unknown for flexibility in the face of the unexpected. Sweaty palms are a sign that creativity pushes us to take risks. Exploring the unexplored to feed our curiosity and open up to a world of new experiences that stimulate creativity. Be on your X to find the zone in which you can create freely. Play the game to place yourself in a creative state of exceptional potential. Breaking a rule to think outside the box and focus on difference and originality.

This highly experiential session in play and collaboration will enable participants to experiment with key practices and put them into practice.

The benefits

During this guided work session, participants will learn to:

  • Become aware of the importance of creative posture as a gas pedal of essential creativity skills.
  • Identify the obstacles to creative posture.
  • Experiment and put into practice the 6 practices of the creative posture through exercises and activities.
  • Think outside the box to unleash their creativity.
  • Draw up an action plan to put the 6 practices into practice on a daily basis.
  • Embody the creative posture in everyday life.