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Business challenges and constraints can turn into incredible creative springboards when you’re coached to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas. You share your concrete business problems with us, we help you frame them and chart a collaborative course to solve them. Guided by a workshop leader, you leverage the strengths of your group to overcome your obstacles, develop tangible solutions and achieve ambitious goals. Because alone is good, but as a team it’s better!

At the end of this customized workshop, all participants will have contributed to the creation of solutions to problems. The process used will increase the group’s ability to adapt and mobilize.

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Problem solving: a creative process

To solve complex problems, there is no recipe that applies to all situations. There are key behaviors to develop that can be applied to many issues. According to the business publication Forbes, the right technology tools are necessary to solve a problem, but it is skills such as learning, curiosity, agility and intuition that have a greater impact on performance. In other words, it is this famous “soft skills” that is the key. Through this customized solution, we create a framework based on the design thinking method so that you learn to find the answers to your challenges yourself, as a team.


According to the Harvard Business Review, 43% of business managers report that complexity slows their growth, their ability to stay competitive and interferes with decision-making processes. With personalized coaching in solving your business problems, you are equipped to transform your complex problems into creative springboards for innovation.

At the end of this coaching, you will be able to:

Adopt new perspectives and ways of thinking;

  • Develop your ability to frame problems and respond to change;
  • Imagine new ideas;
  • Reproduce the essential conditions for creativity and apply these principles in your work environment;
  • Solve business problems effectively in collaboration.

An applied case: Société de transport de Laval (STL)

1. Challenge
Mobilize the organization’s employees around a common project: the revival of public transit.

2. Factry Proposal
Development of a 3-day problem-solving workshop inspired by design thinking to create a common vision and mobilize the team. This course included the presence of participants from our Pause youth program, who brought new ideas in line with the target clientele. This approach revolutionizes the way we work and collaborate and allows us to condense work that would normally take several months to complete and improve the return on investment (ROI).

3. Impact
A team committed and motivated to put into action the ideas found during these workshops.

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