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To innovate, you must be willing to think differently

Strategic planning for your company is first and foremost an opportunity to determine its vision by setting objectives and concrete measures to achieve them. While this is often reserved for business leaders, La Factry offers strategic planning based on a process of gathering people and their ideas. By building on the strengths of team members beyond their assigned roles, we contribute to the emergence of sparked discussions and innovative ideas. Here, everyone is encouraged to participate in the (re)definition of the company’s mission and values in a caring and open environment. Calling upon the collective intelligence of your team is to give yourself the tools for a successful and ambitious strategic planning.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have acquired the methods required to conduct a collective and inspiring thinking about the future of your company.

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A strategy that reflects the courage of your ideas

A strategy developed by a single party is unlikely to gain the support of an entire team. At the Factry, we believe that the success of a strategic plan depends on the participation and commitment of its team and its ability to think outside the box. That’s why it’s important to include representatives from several departments in the company in the ideation process. By creating an environment conducive to the exchange and generation of ideas, you ensure dynamic and innovative thinking, anchored in the reality and values of your company.


  • Conduct creative thinking within a defined framework that allows you to break out of habitual patterns of thoughts to explore new avenues;
  • Determine clear objectives and concrete actions;
  • Design innovative solutions to recurring problems;
  • Welcoming everyone’s ideas in a caring environment;
  • Achieve surprising and unusual results;
  • Strengthen team cohesion;
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging and motivate teams for the future.

An Applied Case: On the Tip of the Toes Foundation

1. The Challenge:
Every 3 to 5 years, the Board of Directors of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation meet for a strategic planning. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the vision, objectives and an action plan for the coming years.

2. Factry Proposal:
Three days of workshops allowing the Foundation’s board members, employees and beneficiaries to come together and enter into dialogue. Accompanied by the workshop leader, they were able to share their experiences and discuss the future of the Foundation and its role in the lives of beneficiaries and their families.

3. Outcomes:
This collective approach to strategic thinking, based on the lived experience of the participants – as well as that of the organizers and directors – allows the real contribution of the Foundation to be measured and positive links to be forged between the different parties involved. The result is a consolidated group mission and vision, a united Board and team, objectives anchored in a reality on the field and a greater understanding of the future within a 3-year action plan.

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