How do you build a capacity for change?


Change for the Better

The changes affecting organizations are many and complex, affecting the work patterns, structures and staffing of organizations. Whether it is the implementation of new technologies in companies or a structural reorganization, these changes can create disruptive shock waves. Factry offers training to open up to change, so that everyone can benefit from it.

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Welcome Change

While change may be real, the ways of managing it are sometimes unclear. By accepting that change is coming whether we want it or not, we can equip ourselves to survive the chaos. Factry’s creative approach prepares you for organizational transformation and the challenges of change management. Learn how to mobilize and support your team to ride the wave together.

Strengthen  Corporate Culture

A strong corporate culture has a direct positive impact on revenue, growth, employee happiness, the ability to recruit top talent, and customer satisfaction. It can even have a broader social impact. And that’s just the beginning! By investing in measures to strengthen the culture of your organization, you will witness a positive change in your teams. The stronger the sense of belonging, the less frightening change will be.

Open Up to Change and Move Forward