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Pause makes you move forward.

Are you curious by nature, allergic to labels and the status quo? You don’t want to fit into a mold, but you’re still looking for your mission or your future profession? Pause is waiting for you after your studies, between two college or university programs, or when it’s time to reorient your career path.

Join the seventh cohort of Pause, a program designed to help you develop the skills you need for tomorrow’s world of work: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability, communication, innovation and problem-solving.

Pause is 6 months of intensive training, coaching and internships, divided into two phases:

Phase 1

From September 18 until December 7 2023.

  • 12 intensive weeks of creativity training, hands-on workshops, expert lectures, coaching and mentoring four days a week
  • An integrative project to showcase your creative skills
  • Support from the Workforce Development Advisors – (CODEM) & the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Centre-Sud/Plateau-Mont-Royal/Mile-End – (CJE)
  • The equivalent of $8,000 worth of training courtesy of the Secrétariat à la jeunesse and the RBC Foundation

Download the detailed course plan (in French only)

Phase 2

Winter 2024, once the intensive training is completed.

  • An internship of 8 to 12 weeks in an innovative organization or in a creative context, in various sectors

Program Overview

An unusual program for unusual students

Because academic record and cote-R do not measure a student’s thirst for learning, the experts on our selection committee are looking for :

  • Young adults who are allergic to labels
  • Passionate people who like to venture off the beaten path
  • Open-minded and lively people who are not afraid of merging genres and bridging differences
  • Individuals who are generous with their knowledge and eager to learn from others, and who want to join together to make a difference
  • Curious individuals who are eager to explore, create and learn

Eligibility criteria

  • Be between 18 and 27 years old
  • Be able to work in Canada

We strongly encourage applicants from diverse and visible minority backgrounds to apply.

To submit your application

Want to be part of the adventure?

To submit your application, you’ll need to:

  • Fill out the application form and tell us why you want to be part of the program.
  • Pay the $50 application fee (the only amount you’ll have to pay throughout the course).
  • Send us a presentation that tells us more about you, in the medium of your choice. Whether video, audio, PowerPoint or Word document, this is your chance to go beyond the registration form and show us your colors.

Once you’ve filled in the application form, you’ll receive an e-mail with details on how to complete your application, and once we’ve analyzed it, we’ll update you on the status of your application.

Next cohort : dates to come

*50$ non-refundable application fee

Learn more details about the program

Frequently Asked Questions

Factry is recognized by Revenu Québec as an educational institution (accreditation 18-04-4061) and is also approved by the Commission des Partenaires du marché du travail (accreditation 0059062).

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For Students


6 Months

In French

in person

Monday September 23, 2024

Monday Sep 23, 2024

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

9:00 to 5:00

Get the full program by downloading the syllabus!

Meet our team !

Experts from different innovative organizations will guide you throughout this experience.

Carousel de mentors pour la formation

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Hélène Godin

Co-founder and head of creation, Factry

Hélène Godin has long made her mark on the national and international design and creativity scene. A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal in graphic design, as VP Creative for Sid Lee she led one of the most successful creative teams on the local and international scene. Her desire to pass on this passion has taken her to the four corners of the globe as a speaker and mentor. Today, she is dedicated to developing educational programs in creativity and innovation.


Charlie Leydier-Fauvel

Experience Designer and StoryDéclik Founder

Charlie Leydier-Fauvel teaches collaboration and storytelling, organizes conferences and facilitates workshops with the goal of making them spaces where participants can learn from each other and make real connections. As a workshop leader and coach at the Factry, the School of Creative Sciences, he offers training that leads professionals and students to find creative and original solutions to current issues. In addition to his studies in screenwriting and audio-visual directing, Charlie has enriched his background with trainings that allow him to master experiential learning methods to inspire, facilitate, and design creativity. In 2018, he created StoryDeclik to help organizations imagine the future they want to create and bring it to life through workshops. Since then, dialogue, collaboration, and play have been at the heart of his work.


Marie-Christine Messier


She is a designer and ideation workshop facilitator. As a consultant, she supports individuals, teams and companies in deploying their expertise by helping them solve problems, make decisions and innovate faster using the power of collaborative workshops. She has worked for 15 years in agencies and large corporations as a specialist in user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX). Her expertise is in facilitating ideation and co-creation workshops (remotely and in person) with experience in Design Thinking, CX, UX, Design Sprint and LEGO® Serious Play®. She helps people work better together, create better customer/user-centric products/services faster, while ensuring that they maximize their time, efficiency and effectiveness.

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