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So that the next generation has tomorrow in hand

Génération créative is a training program designed to help the next generation develop the creative skills they need for their professional future. Why do we do this? Because it has become essential to learn how to deploy creativity in the face of uncertainty, and to question the future of a changing world of work.

Because we can’t talk about the future without involving the next generation in the discussions.

La Factry – école des sciences de la créativité is dedicated to the development of creative skills. It invites participants to step out of their comfort zone, explore their creative posture and mix their ideas with those of invited professionals.

Add to their baggage, gain vision and make what they’ve learned the key to a bright future.

The Génération créative program helps young people aged 18 to 27 to get to know themselves better, so they can better exploit their full potential. Complementary to their academic career, this training is an opportunity to explore with them the skills that will enable them to stand out on the job market (collaboration, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking).

This training is given in person.
We can come to you or welcome you at our premises.

Program Overview

Benefits and advantages

  • Develop creative posture and its potential
  • Explore essential skills (adaptability, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking)
  • Generate collective value and open up perspectives in a rapidly changing job market
  • Foster employability and encourage the personal and professional success of the next generation of employees
  • Experience hands-on workshops and exchange ideas with professional and passionate guests from atypical backgrounds
  • Access exclusive content and facilitating tools from the Factry
  • Receive a certificate of attendance to include in your curriculum vitae

* Free training
Génération créative is worth $500 per person and is offered free of charge.

We collaborate with schools and youth organizations across Quebec to offer free training in creativity and essential skills development.

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Financial partner
This project is funded by the Secrétariat de la jeunesse du Gouvernement du Québec.

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Carousel de mentors pour la formation

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Charlie Leydier-Fauvel

Experience Designer and StoryDéclik Founder

Charlie Leydier-Fauvel teaches collaboration and storytelling, organizes conferences and facilitates workshops with the goal of making them spaces where participants can learn from each other and make real connections. As a workshop leader and coach at the Factry, the School of Creative Sciences, he offers training that leads professionals and students to find creative and original solutions to current issues. In addition to his studies in screenwriting and audio-visual directing, Charlie has enriched his background with trainings that allow him to master experiential learning methods to inspire, facilitate, and design creativity. In 2018, he created StoryDeclik to help organizations imagine the future they want to create and bring it to life through workshops. Since then, dialogue, collaboration, and play have been at the heart of his work.


Hélène Godin

Co-founder and head of creation, Factry

Hélène Godin has long made her mark on the national and international design and creativity scene. A graduate of the Université du Québec à Montréal in graphic design, as VP Creative for Sid Lee she led one of the most successful creative teams on the local and international scene. Her desire to pass on this passion has taken her to the four corners of the globe as a speaker and mentor. Today, she is dedicated to developing educational programs in creativity and innovation.

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