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*Important note : This text has been freely translated from the French version. 

Have you ever reflected on the things you have accomplished over time? Do you take pride in what you have done?

Pride usually emerges when you succeed in building something, delivering a project, meeting a challenge. It is a very strong and universal feeling.

What would you like to have accomplished three years from now that you would be proud to tell your loved ones at Christmas? This is a question I always ask in job interviews. It’s a simple question, but it allows us to make several observations: does the person want to accomplish something for themselves or for the good of the group? Would they have an affinity with the team they would be working with? What impact would they like to have on their environment?

Obviously, there is no wrong answer. But asking the question allows us to clarify if the person will find a team that will share their ambitions over time.

My answer? I want to try to build something that will have a positive impact on my community for generations to come, and I want to do that by working with others. Because, for me, collective accomplishment will always be more powerful than personal accomplishment.

Pay attention to what makes you particularly proud on a daily basis. Sometimes we think of accomplishment as the ultimate goal, the pinnacle to reach, while having a loose definition of what accomplishment means on a daily basis. In reality, it is the accumulation of proud moments along the way that makes us feel accomplished.

These days, it’s easy to get a job. It’s usually pretty easy to deliver a project. But it’s not easy to find people who share the same values and ambitions as you, and to achieve something extraordinary with them. For me, this is a key to fulfillment. Taking on a challenge as a team not only gives you a sense of personal pride, but also allows you to share this feeling with the group and thus increase it tenfold. Why deprive yourself of this?

Albert Dang-Vu

Albert Dang-Vu

Co-Founder and Co-President, Mirego

Albert Dang-Vu is a passionate entrepreneur who is actively involved in the Quebec entrepreneurial community. Prior to co-founding Mirego, a technology company that helps its clients innovate and thrive in the digital age, he was Vice-President of Technology at Copernic. Since the merger of Mirego with Premier Tech in March 2021, he is now participating in the strategic planning of both companies.