How do you adapt to remote work?


Dealing with a new reality

The labour market began a profound transformation some years ago. Accelerated by digital technology, this transformation took a new turn with the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Remote work is becoming increasingly important, and even the most reluctant employers recognize that it is here to stay. How can you take advantage of this situation? How do you get the best out of your teams when the ‘office’ no longer exists? Creativity in business helps you get through the crisis and keep your team together.

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Work from the Office Anywhere

Remote work is part of our new reality. While it was once the exception, it is now an integral part of a changing work environment. The coronavirus pandemic has proven that state-of-the-art information technology enables remote work without affecting performance. But what are the challenges of remote work? What are its impacts on the organization? Learn how to deal with this new way of doing things, and reap all the benefits.

Adopt New Technology

There is no substitute for face-to-face human interaction, but new technologies make it easier to continue normal activities in abnormal times. And while they have many advantages, they can also create a new form of fatigue or exhaustion, and contribute to feelings of isolation. By approaching the use of these new technologies as one tool among many, you will be able to keep your teams together and continue to achieve your goals.

New Maps for a New Business Reality.