The serious game at work: mobilize your teams

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Playing on the connection

Serious gaming: what are its benefits within a company? It is well known that a close-knit team is a high-performance team. When the bonds between colleagues are strong and the complicity is natural, you get a team capable of surprising results. But how do you protect this closeness in a difficult context? How do you regain the potential of a team whose collaborative spirit has been eroded? Contrary to what you may think, all is not lost. By using creativity, you can install, within your team, a cohesion to all tests thanks to our exercises of team building. We can help you with this. The key word? “Play.

At the end of this personalized workshop, participants will be able to communicate and collaborate better as well as take concrete actions to become a united, motivated and committed team.

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Playing is more serious than you think

According to Stuart Brown, a psychiatrist who specializes in the study of play, playing is a vital activity that can make us smarter at any age. Nothing stimulates the brain like play. It builds positivity, motivation and adaptability. A playful mind is more likely to come up with innovative solutions, since it is easier to reconcile difficult or contradictory circumstances. In concrete terms, these skills acquired through serious gaming can be applied directly in the context of work, from solving complex problems to more fruitful ideation sessions.

A team that plays is a winner

There is a misconception that playing is counterproductive, a waste of time. A childish activity that has no place in a professional environment. Think again. Valuing play in a corporate culture is an extremely successful strategy. First of all, it creates an environment where fun is allowed, which enhances employee well-being. You increase their motivation and commitment. This is no small feat in an era where retention is not easy. The state of play is naturally creative, which encourages connections, new ideas and innovative solutions. And because play is a social binder that builds trust, you facilitate collaboration, cohesion and togetherness within your team. Learn how to cultivate this fertile ground and take your team and your organization to the next level.


A study by health policy expert Ping Yu reveals that the desire to play is positively related to job satisfaction and performance. Play is a state of mind and an opening movement essential to creativity, and the most astute among us will be able to use the skills it allows to their advantage in the workplace.

At the end of this coaching, you will develop the following skills

  • Team cohesion;
  • Collaboration;
  • Improved ability to adapt to change;
  • Listening skills and interpersonal exchanges;
  • Increased commitment and motivation of your work teams;
  • Ideation.

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