The Power of Communications


Interact cleverly

The balance of a team is based on collaboration, mutual help, and communication. As workplaces transform and telecommuting becomes the norm, keeping your team together is essential. No more working in silos. It is time for teamwork, team building and constructive feedback that allow you to grow.

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Fun at work

It’s no longer a secret that when a team is happy, the results are there. Corporate teamwork should be encouraged, especially when the “office” is split up into various places. Learn how to strengthen the bonds of your team members through various team building activities. At Factry, we know the importance of a close tight knit team. You have the wool, we provide the needles!

Learn to communicate

Communication in the workplace is always a challenge. But it is essential to the achievement of goals and to team cohesion. Factry can help you improve it, both on how to convey relevant information to your team and how to give constructive feedback. Intercultural communication is at the heart of the concerns for many organizations, and you will be given the tools to approach it correctly.

Strengthen team cohesion

Collaboration is key to the success of the team. To walk in the same direction, team members rely on mutual trust and respect. To do so, we need to move away from working in silos and ask for everyone’s collaboration, even if it goes beyond the limits of their road. Learn how to take advantage of the collaborative approach.