Mission, vision and values: redefine who you are as a team

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Mission, vision and values are the basic anchors of any business. They allow your customers to understand who you are – it is the foundation that supports what you do. These beliefs need to be shared by your team with a common language and purpose to mobilize everyone’s energy. When co-defined with precision and creativity, your missions, vision and values contribute to the attractiveness of your company. A strong identity means a committed team.

At the end of this customized workshop, participants will share a strong esprit de corps in terms of corporate DNA and strategic alignment.

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Mission, vision, values: find a balance

In his book L’Équilibriste, Daniel Lamarre highlights the challenge for any company to find the right balance between, on the one hand, the dream and creativity that drive innovative companies or those with distinctive brands and, on the other hand, the challenge of concentration and productivity of all organizational structures. The Factry workshops allow us to find, together, the balance point that will allow us to take the company even further.


According to American publisher Steve Forbes, a company’s brand is the most important investment an organization can make. Along with culture and image, an established corporate personality or identity is an important factor in attracting both potential customers and future employees. This coaching will help you to:

  • Achieve a common group vision;
  • Mobilize and engage your teams;
  • Identify the obstacles to innovation and the barriers to communication;
  • Think differently and generate innovative ideas as a group;
  • Strengthen team cohesion and pride;
  • Establish a caring framework.

An applied case: the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS):

1. Challenge
To script and facilitate workshops to reframe the mission, vision and values of the Human Resources department at ÉTS. To become aware of the current situation, define its role and imagine the future together.

2. Factry proposal
One day of co-creation of a common vision of the role of employees in HR, and two days of reflection on the collective role of the organization and that of individuals. Accompanied by the workshop leader, the participants identified the obstacles to innovation in place and then took concrete actions in the direction they would like to take their department in the future.

3. Impact
A consolidated group vision, a more proud and mobilized team, defined issues and needs, the establishment of a benevolent framework and an increased understanding of the next steps in the renewal and realization of this vision.

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