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Creativity at the service of performance

Not all factors contributing to overall performance are tangible. The best leaders rely on emotional intelligence and cross-functional skills to support their teams. Learn how to integrate them into your daily life, to have a positive impact on the performance of your organization and the people who work there.

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Develop cross-functional skills

Mastering one area of expertise is no longer sufficient. Cross-functional skills (the famous soft skills) are more than an asset: they are essential. Whether we think of communication skills, time management, leadership or even critical thinking, soft skills are strengths to be cultivated. Identify your own and those you want to stimulate within your team. This will allow you to get the best out of those around you … and yourself.

Nurture emotional intelligence

The training offered by Factry helps to nurture emotional intelligence in companies. When leaders and employees take their emotions and those of their colleagues into account, and channel them toward a common goal, the whole company wins. Leadership and emotional intelligence go hand in hand, and open new roads for the team.

Enhanced leadership

Exercising leadership is about creating the right conditions for a team to thrive. By taking into account the experiences and skills of each individual, a good leader will know how to channel the creative force of the group. You will learn how to inspire your colleagues to reinvent themselves and explore new paths. By applying creativity to your leadership qualities, a new dynamic will emerge within your group.

Become a better leader to guide a better team