Practical Ideation


Ideas at the service of innovation

Innovation requires new ideas. But new ideas don’t necessarily just happen on their own. At Factry, we guide you to deliver ideas that break the codes and to present them in a way that they will be accepted. Creativity comes from bold ideas, and the willingness to put them into practice.

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Find the best ideas

Being creative and having an open mind is one thing. Knowing how to structure your thinking to identify the best ideas for solving a given problem is quite different. Several methods are available to come up with the most innovative ideas, whether it is brainstorming or the whole ideation process. If you have an idea that can make a difference, learn how to sell it regardless of your target audience.

Learn to sell your ideas

Once you have found THE idea, how do you sell it to your team, your manager or your colleagues? To sell an idea, you must present it in a clear manner, and demonstrate its positive impact. Refine your presentation and public speaking skills, and learn how to choose your target. Having an idea that can have an impact on a project, a team or an organization and successfully selling it is a great sense of professional accomplishment.

Let your ideas flow