Youth: How will you face the future?


Be Equipped for Tomorrow

Because the labour market is changing at an unprecedented rate. Because today’s reality does not reflect tomorrow’s reality. How do you find your career path in an environment that doesn’t yet exist? How do you redirect your career after a midlife crisis? Factry complements the training offered in traditional educational institutions and gives the next generation of professionals the tools to change the way we do business.

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Learn to Read the Future

We can’t promise you a crystal ball to see what tomorrow will hold. But we can give you the tools you will need to face any eventuality in a labour market where soft skills are gaining in importance, where distance work is becoming commonplace, and where professional mobility is the order of the day. You will learn how to take advantage of these trends to carve out your place in the new reality.

Chart Your Career Path

How do you choose a job when the labour market is undergoing major changes? How do you know if the field you choose is right for you? How do you pivot your career? Factry helps you choose a path or change fields, no matter where you are along your career path. Creativity also means learning to chart your own course and break with convention.

Prepare Today to Face Tomorrow

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