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Stimulate the creativity in your organization

Whether you work in a startup or blue chip, stimulating creativity in teams is a must for companies that want to reinvent themselves. Remote work, artificial intelligence and automation will only accelerate the need for this transformation. Factry’s training courses enable your talents to develop the cross-disciplinary skills that are essential today in all domains. From communication to collaboration and ideation, creativity is an undeniable asset for both employees and their managers. It contributes to overall productivity and has a positive effect on corporate culture. Creativity on a daily basis takes teams even further.

Creativity in the Service of Talent

Workplaces have changed and so have workers. Employees’ expectations and desires are a far cry from what they were only thirty years ago. Organizations are sometimes slow to respond adequately. Mastery of creative skills promotes job mobility, helps with better integration into the workplace and builds a pool of employees who can easily adapt to organizational transformations. Help your teams put people at the heart of their concerns, while respecting the organization’s business imperatives.

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