Brainstorming: Setting ideas free

Formation In Person

Shake up your habits… one brainstorming at the time!

Do all your group ideation sessions look the same? As usual, everyone remained cautious and bottled up what they really want to say? Why not change your habits to make the magic happen? Through several practical exercises, this brainstorming workshop allows you to experiment with several unusual methods to generate ideas in groups and push forward your ideas. Add different techniques to your toolbox that will lead you, as a group, to creative solutions.


*Additional cohorts can be added for private groups of 20 persons and more. Contact us!

Why choose in-person trainings

Factry's in person trainings provide unparalleled interaction between participants and coaches. Practical exercises, immediate feedback and a strong sense of belonging: our action-based workshops bring people together. Meet people from all disciplines who want to improve their creative abilities and train in creativity through practical group exercises.

The Factry Method

Our structured and playful approach places the human being at the heart of learning. The Factry method offers a rhythm adapted to each group, based on interaction between participants and multidisciplinary coaches. Practical exercises, solving real problems, developing transversal skills: the Factry Method makes you think otherwise in order to approach your business in a different way.

Notre approche

Skills to develop

  • Understand the creative process.
  • Choose among the ideation techniques the most appropriate ones to generate ideas.
  • Relieve self-confidence issues to allow people to be more playful and adventurous in their thinking.
  • Improve on facilitating productive, effective and innovative ideation sessions online.

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Meet our team of instructors!

Throughout this experience, our team will know how destabilize you and feed your creative brain.

Carousel de mentors pour la formation

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Workshop master

Karim Aktouf

Artist and Engineer, Founder, Puncteo

Karim Aktouf has over 20 years of engineering experience in international telecommunications and IT companies (Hp, Ericsson). He is also an artist. An advanced student at the Académie des beaux-arts de Montréal, he realized that the creative process is surprisingly similar regardless of the field, and can be taught and learned as long as one adopts a growth mindset .

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