Brainstorming: Leading a productive session

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Unlock everyone’s creative potential.

Brainstorming is one of the most used ideation techniques in organizations. However, preparing and hosting an effective brainstorming session is not as easy as it seems. Through practical exercises, this brainstorming workshop aims to deploy as a group an ideation process that will surpass their objectives. Participants will be encouraged to develop their creative confidence, generate spontaneous solutions and push their ideas to their full potential. They will benefit from training tools that are easy to reuse within their teams.

Why choose in-person trainings

Factry's in person trainings provide unparalleled interaction between participants and coaches. Practical exercises, immediate feedback and a strong sense of belonging: our action-based workshops bring people together. Meet people from all disciplines who want to improve their creative abilities and train in creativity through practical group exercises.

The Factry Method

Our structured and playful approach places the human being at the heart of learning. The Factry method offers a rhythm adapted to each group, based on interaction between participants and multidisciplinary coaches. Practical exercises, solving real problems, developing transversal skills: the Factry Method makes you think otherwise in order to approach your business in a different way.

Notre approche

Skills to develop

  • Host a winning brainstorming session.
  • Build a creative climate which allows to lead effectively a brainstorming session.
  • Help you understand the thought process of others and get the best ideas out of the brainstorming sessions.

*Additional cohorts for private groups of 20 persons or more can be added. Contact us!

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Meet your workshop master!

Through this experience, a workshop master will know how to destabilize you and feed your creative brain.

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workshop master

Alexandre Joyce

Strategist at Atelier and Innovation Advisor at #DesjardinsLab

Strategist at Alexandre Joyce is also a designer and presenter. He completed his doctorate at Concordia University on the design of new business models. At #DesjardinsLab, he works as an innovation advisor where he supports project teams from all departments to create a vision, build products and services and convince management to move projects forward.

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